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My family and I live near Hamburg, Germany. I am an engineer and a hobby musician. Years ago I started some private research to find out, why the octave has historically been divided into twelve chunks of more or less the same size – so I entered the field of partials, temperament and dynamic intonation.

I came across Bill Sethares’ awesome book Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale (TTSS). With regard to my own experiments, certain basic aspects discussed there appeared familiar and I was happy to find myself not being completely on the wrong track. Today my copy of TTSS has been a true companion for nearly two decades...

Handling chords built from Overtone Scales has always been one of my favorite playing fields. I utilize Tim Thompson’s KeyKit – a light weight and MIDI-centric programming language – for practical exploration. KeyKit realtime code controls the intonation of two prototypical electronic instruments I built: A keyboard driven setup and a playing console that extends the concept of a pedalsteel guitar.



My first contribution to this Wiki is an article about just intervals generated by an ancient Hammond Organ - you might read it with a wink!