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Hello, I'm +merlan #flirora [ˈmeɹlan fliˈɹowa], conlanger and xenharmony enthusiast. I am flirora#8409 on Discord. 17, 19, and 31 are my favorite EDOs at this moment.

Theme and Variations in 31EDO

A piece with a theme and 7 variations, in 31edo.

The following scales are used for each movement:

  • Theme, Variations 1 & 2: major diatonic (5535553)
  • Variation 3: minor diatonic (5355355)
  • Variation 4: oneirotonic (55255252)
  • Variation 5: mohajira[7] (5454544)
  • Variation 6: chromatic from F to A♯ (232332323233)
  • Variation 7: 10-note scale suggested by digital_harmonic (4443332215)

The unfamiliar scales are played through one octave with a drone below before their respective movements.

Score can be found at File:ThemeAndVariations31EDOScore.pdf.

Adagio in D Major

A composition in 31edo.

Score can be found at File:AdagioInDMajorScore.pdf.

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