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Thomas Scheurich has composed and played strings--principally viola with some experience on violin and cello--starting from grade school. He was unlucky enough to have friends and influences who taught him to explore and expect more of creative possibilities for the greedy and bored-by-conventionality ear he was given. This has complicated his life and made his thirst for musical innovation sometimes frustratingly bottomless, but he'll get over it.

Thomas earned a Bachelor's in Music Composition from the University of Oklahoma in 2011, studying under the indulgent, deviant yet jolly, and well-connected Marvin Lamb. Yet, since an early age, he has not been interested in a professionalized position in music, and thus doesn't have much of a list of accomplishments to recite. Today, he is working to establish a career in technology, design, risk mitigation, and, with any luck, economic transformation.

Thomas's hobbies besides music include urban cycling, sailing, moving clumsily in LGBT Society (tm) in Pittsburgh, PA, and fleshing out visions of an economic future where, instead of feeding urges to consume things to display status, people more equitably share the labor needs of a simple lifestyle, and replace the bottomless appetite for stuff with one for meaning, by changing the fuel to free time.

Paucitonal works include

  • String Quartet #2: The Doggie Isn't For Sale
  • Silence-song (a four-chord song)
  • Listserv Surprise (giving serialism the finger)
  • A rather sardonic Requiem (chamber pop)
  • A satirical King Neptune worship ritual (live performance art)

Microtonal works include

  • People and Things (two-chord song in found tuning/J.I.)
  • National anthems of fictional city-states (Consternopolis, Sanga Melbis, ...))
  • Spiral Aria (a synthesis of Xenharmonic Praxis spiral progressions)
  • Three Lonely, Uninspired Ways to Play in 17TET (3LUW2Pi17TET)
  • Attention! Attention! Attention!
    • contains the first known udderbot cadenza
  • Gravy (more on the noise side of things)