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(putting this here so I can find it later, in the future I'll add a section to the Orwell page about this)

3 obvious ways to notate orwell aka lasepyo with ups and downs
Each one makes a normal-looking mapping of one prime to the 3-limit
E.g. 5-centric favors 5/4, maps it to the usual M3

5-centric genchain (E = ^7d43): C vvD# ^^^Gbb ^Ab vB vvvC# ^^Fb G
7-centric genchain (E = v7d34): C vEb vvGb vvvBbb ^^^A# ^^C# ^E G
11-centric genchain (E = v7A2): C vvvE ^F vvA ^^Bb vD ^^^Eb G

5-centric mappings: 5/4 = vM3, 7/4 = vvA6, 11/8 = ^^^dd5
7-centric mappings: 5/4 = vvd5, 7/4 = vm7, 11/8 = vvd5
11-centric mappings: 5/4 = ^^m3, 7/4 = vvvM7, 11/8 = ^4
(if 11/8 = vA4, the other mappings are even uglier)

--TallKite (talk) 08:55, 23 February 2019 (UTC)