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This page also contains archived Wikispaces discussion.

On generation of superparticular intervals

There's a python script which, slightly modified (remove a print statement with stats, add a print statement for y2), can produce numerators of the ratios: [1]. --Plumtree (talk) 21:16, 18 October 2022 (UTC)


This comma is the difference between the 63/52 (332.208 cents) and smaller 23/19 (330.769 cents) supraminor thirds. The 1197/1196 (1.447 cents) is close in size to 1/10 of the Secorian comma (28672/28431 at 14.613 cents, so a regular chain of fifths tuned 1/10 Secorian comma wide at 703.416 cents, or 1.461 cents larger than 3:2) will produce a near-just 23/19 at 330.747 cents, 0.014 cents narrow, from +9 fifths (augmented second).