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Just glancing at this, haven't read through it yet. Perhaps ^ could be called "caret" and v could be "vee", analogous to am and at. This might help avoid confusion with my usage of ups and downs. --TallKite (talk) 03:59, 26 July 2021 (UTC)

I would argue that ups and downs have gotten consensus in the community that goes beyond the rules of your original standard. Diamond-mos ups and downs have the same meaning on the staff as yours (most of the time?); only the text rules are different. If people use ups and downs one way or the other, they can clarify their use by saying which standard they're using. I think us using ups and downs helps cut down on memorization, since it's an element most microtonalists already know. SupahstarSaga (talk) 17:41, 26 July 2021 (UTC)