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Smicot is a 7-note max-variety-3, generator-offset scale with step pattern 3L 1M 3s. It can be constructed from the smitonic (4L 3s) mos with one of the large steps made smaller and the other three made larger. Smicot is chiral, with two rotationally non-equivalent variants: right-handed smicot LMsLsLs and left-handed smicot LsLsLsM; these are mirror images.

Ls must be a generator of the tetric (3L 1s) MOS, between 300¢ and 400¢.

Smicot is a portmanteau of smitonic (4L 3s) and dicot (which generates 3L 4s mosh, not to be confused with its extension 7L 3s dicoid), since the step sizes are intermediate between that of 4L 3s and 3L 4s.