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This layout allows someone to play in 58-edo on a 29-edo guitar, by tuning the guitar in neutral thirds -- that is, with 17\58 between each pair of adjacent strings.

Where every harmonic in the 17-limit + 29 group lie on a 17\58 x 2\58 isomorphic layout

The diagram, which could be interpreted as part of the fretboard of a 12-string guitar, shows where each of the 17-limit harmonics lies, plus the 29th harmonic.

Since 58-edo is consistent in the 17-limit + 29, these harmonics' positions imply where every interval in that group lies. (For instance, to play 7/6 you move up one string and down one fret, because that takes you from harmonic 3 to harmonic 7.)

Octaves are indicated as powers of 2 (specifically 1, 2, 4 and 8).