OTC 7L 13s

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Omnitetrachordal MODMOS scale


20 tones (8+4+8)

Tetracot MODMOS. Comes in 3 forms!

P = 4.1745609664

Q = 9.4523018119 (4/3 = 3L+4.5s)

L = 60.00 to 171.43 cents (118.65 cents @ P, 143.28 cents @ Q)

s = 0.00 to 60.00 cents (28.42 cents @ P, 15.16 cents @ Q)

9/8 = L+3s (171.43 to 240.00 cents)

4/3 = 3L+5s (480.00 to 514.29 cents)

MOS generator = L+2s (171.43 to 180.00 cents)

notable EDOs: 27, 34, 41, 61, 75

ssLssLssLssLssLssLsL (MOS, not OTC)

     || ||||      ||

ssLsssLssLLsssLssLLs (OTC MODMOS, form 1) - gc 9,3,2,2,2; 2o

ssLssLssLssLssLssLsL (MOS, not OTC)

     ||   ||    ||||

ssLsssLsLsLsssLsLsLs (OTC MODMOS, form 2) - gc 10,3,3; 4o

ssLssLssLssLssLssLsL (MOS, not OTC)

     |||| ||     || 

ssLsssLLssLsssLsssLL (OTC MODMOS, form 3) - gc 9,3,2,2,2; 2o

sssLsssLssLLsssLssLL (form 1)

         ||      || 

sssLsssLsLsLsssLsLsL (form 2)

        ||      ||  

sssLsssLLssLsssLLssL (form 3)

        | |     | | 

sssLsssLssLLsssLssLL (form 1)

all modes, form 1:

sssL sssLssLL sssLssLL
ssLs ssLssLLs ssLssLLs
sLss sLssLLss sLssLLss
Lsss LssLLsss LssLLsss LsssLssL LsssLssL Lsss
sssL ssLLsssL ssLLsssL sssLssLL sssLssLL sssL
ssLs sLLsssLs sLLsssLs ssLssLLs ssLssLLs ssLs
sLss LLsssLss LLsssLss sLssLLss sLssLLss sLss
LssLLsss LssLLsss Lsss
ssLLsssL ssLLsssL sssL
sLLsssLs sLLsssLs ssLs
LLsssLss LLsssLss sLss
LsssLssL Lsss LsssLssL
sssLssLL sssL sssLssLL
ssLssLLs ssLs ssLssLLs
sLssLLss sLss sLssLLss
LssLLsss Lsss LssLLsss
ssLLsssL sssL ssLLsssL
sLLsssLs ssLs sLLsssLs
LLsssLss sLss LLsssLss
Lsss LsssLssL LsssLssL

all modes, form 2:

sssL sssLsLsL sssLsLsL
ssLs ssLsLsLs ssLsLsLs
sLss sLsLsLss sLsLsLss sLsssLsL sLsssLsL sLss
Lsss LsLsLsss LsLsLsss LsssLsLs LsssLsLs Lsss
sssL sLsLsssL sLsLsssL sssLsLsL sssLsLsL sssL
ssLs LsLsssLs LsLsssLs ssLsLsLs ssLsLsLs ssLs
sLsLsLss sLsLsLss sLss
LsLsLsss LsLsLsss Lsss
sLsLsssL sLsLsssL sssL
LsLsssLs LsLsssLs ssLs
sLsssLsL sLss sLsssLsL
LsssLsLs Lsss LsssLsLs
sssLsLsL sssL sssLsLsL
ssLsLsLs ssLs ssLsLsLs
sLsLsLss sLss sLsLsLss
LsLsLsss Lsss LsLsLsss
sLsLsssL sssL sLsLsssL
LsLsssLs ssLs LsLsssLs
sLss sLsssLsL sLsssLsL
Lsss LsssLsLs LsssLsLs

all modes, form 3:

sssL sssLLssL sssLLssL
ssLs ssLLssLs ssLLssLs ssLsssLL ssLsssLL ssLs
sLss sLLssLss sLLssLss sLsssLLs sLsssLLs sLss
Lsss LLssLsss LLssLsss LsssLLss LsssLLss Lsss
sssL LssLsssL LssLsssL sssLLssL sssLLssL sssL
ssLLssLs ssLLssLs ssLs
sLLssLss sLLssLss sLss
LLssLsss LLssLsss Lsss
LssLsssL LssLsssL sssL
ssLsssLL ssLs ssLsssLL
sLsssLLs sLss sLsssLLs
LsssLLss Lsss LsssLLss
sssLLssL sssL sssLLssL
ssLLssLs ssLs ssLLssLs
sLLssLss sLss sLLssLss
LLssLsss Lsss LLssLsss
LssLsssL sssL LssLsssL
ssLs ssLsssLL ssLsssLL
sLss sLsssLLs sLsssLLs
Lsss LsssLLss LsssLLss


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