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Omnitetrachordal MOS scale


19 tones (8+3+8)

Flattone MOS; P<0 (oddly, neither this scale nor its dual can be tuned with a perfect 3/2!)

P = -0.2063597584

Q = 5.0713810872 (4/3 = 3L+4.5s)

L = 63.16 to 171.43 cents (128.12 cents @ Q)

s = 0.00 to 63.16 cents (25.26 cents @ Q)

9/8 = L+2s (171.43 to 189.47 cents)

4/3 = 3L+5s (505.26 to 514.29 cents)

generator = 4/3

notable EDOs: 26, 33, 40, 45

symmetric mode: sLssLsLssLssLsLssLs

all modes:

sLs sLsLssLs sLsLssLs sLssLsLs sLssLsLs sLs
Lss LsLssLss LsLssLss LssLsLss LssLsLss Lss
ssL sLssLssL sLssLssL ssLsLssL ssLsLssL ssL
sLs LssLssLs LssLssLs sLsLssLs sLsLssLs sLs
LsLssLss LsLssLss Lss
sLssLssL sLs sLssLssL sLssLssL sLssLssL ssL
LssLssLs Lss LssLssLs LssLssLs LssLssLs sLs
ssLssLsL ssL ssLssLsL
sLssLsLs sLs sLssLsLs
LssLsLss Lss LssLsLss
ssLsLssL ssL ssLsLssL
sLsLssLs sLs sLsLssLs
LsLssLss Lss LsLssLss
sLs sLssLssL sLssLssL sLssLssL ssL sLssLssL
Lss LssLssLs LssLssLs LssLssLs sLs LssLssLs
ssL ssLssLsL ssLssLsL
sLs sLssLsLs sLssLsLs sLssLssL sLssLssL sLs
Lss LssLsLss LssLsLss LssLssLs LssLssLs Lss
ssL ssLsLssL ssLsLssL ssLssLsL ssLssLsL ssL


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  • Noted as omnitetrachordal by Paul Erlich no later than 2002. See tuning-math list messages 3685 and 10987.