OTC 5L 19s

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Omnitetrachordal MODMOS scale


24 tones (10+4+10)

godzilla/semaphore, immunity, bridgetown?

best at low L/s

P = 1.5200335053

Q = 8.170075387 (4/3 = 2L+8.5s)

L = 50.00 to 240.00 cents (68.57 cents @ P, 163.81 cents @ Q)

s = 0.00 to 50.00 cents (45.11 cents @ P, 20.05 cents @ Q)

9/8 = L+3s (200.00 to 240.00 cents)

4/3 = 2L+8s (480.00 to 500.00 cents)

MOS generator = L+4s (240.00 to 250.00 cents)

notable EDOs: 29, 34, 39, 53, 77, 82

ssssLssssLssssLssssLsssL (MOS, not OTC)

    ||        ||        

sssssLsssLsssssLsssLsssL (OTC MODMOS) - gc 20, 4o

all modes:

sssssLsssL sssssLsssL sssL
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