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Omnitetrachordal MODMOS scale


22 tones (9+4+9)

Pajara / srutal (diaschismic); 3 forms

P = 7.6918120831

Q = 33.2672483324 (4/3 = 5L+3.5s)

9/8 = 2L+2s (200.00 to 218.18 cents)

4/3 = 5L+4s (490.91 to 500.00 cents)

MOS generator = L+s (100.00 to 109.09 cents)

MOS period = 1/2 octave (600.00 cents)

notable EDOs: 34, 46, 56, 58, 70

sLsLsLsLsLLsLsLsLsLsLL (MOS, not OTC)


sLsLsLsLsLsLLsLsLsLsLL (OTC MODMOS, form 1) - gc 11,11; pc 2 x10; 2o

sLsLsLsLsLLsLsLsLsLsLL (MOS, not OTC)

 ||  ||   ||  ||      

ssLLssLLsLsLLssLLsLsLL (OTC MODMOS, form 2) - gc 9,7; 6o; pc 2 x7; 8o

sLsLsLsLsLLsLsLsLsLsLL (MOS, not OTC)

 ||  || ||||  || ||   

ssLLssLLLssLLssLLLssLL (OTC MODMOS, form 3) - gc 7,5; 10o; pc 2 x5; 12o

sLsLsLsLsLsLLsLsLsLsLL (form 1)

 ||  ||       ||      

ssLLssLLsLsLLssLLsLsLL (form 2)

        ||       ||   

ssLLssLLLssLLssLLLssLL (form 3)

 ||  || ||    || ||   

sLsLsLsLsLsLLsLsLsLsLL (form 1)

symmetric modes:

LssLLsLsLLssLLsLsLLssL (form 2)

sLLsLsLLssLLssLLsLsLLs (form 2)

sLLssLLLssLLssLLLssLLs (form 3)

LssLLLssLLssLLssLLLssL (form 3)

all modes, form 1:

sLsL sLsLsLsLL sLsLsLsLL
LsLs LsLsLsLLs LsLsLsLLs
sLsL sLsLsLLsL sLsLsLLsL
LsLs LsLsLLsLs LsLsLLsLs LsLsLsLsL LsLsLsLsL LsLs
sLsL sLsLLsLsL sLsLLsLsL sLsLsLsLL sLsLsLsLL sLsL
LsLs LsLLsLsLs LsLLsLsLs LsLsLsLLs LsLsLsLLs LsLs
sLsL sLLsLsLsL sLLsLsLsL sLsLsLLsL sLsLsLLsL sLsL
LsLs LLsLsLsLs LLsLsLsLs LsLsLLsLs LsLsLLsLs LsLs
sLsL LsLsLsLsL LsLsLsLsL sLsLLsLsL sLsLLsLsL sLsL
LsLLsLsLs LsLLsLsLs LsLs
sLLsLsLsL sLLsLsLsL sLsL
LLsLsLsLs LLsLsLsLs LsLs
LsLsLsLsL LsLs LsLsLsLsL LsLsLsLsL LsLsLsLsL sLsL
sLsLsLsLL sLsL sLsLsLsLL
LsLsLsLLs LsLs LsLsLsLLs
sLsLsLLsL sLsL sLsLsLLsL
LsLsLLsLs LsLs LsLsLLsLs
sLsLLsLsL sLsL sLsLLsLsL
LsLLsLsLs LsLs LsLLsLsLs
sLLsLsLsL sLsL sLLsLsLsL
LLsLsLsLs LsLs LLsLsLsLs
LsLs LsLsLsLsL LsLsLsLsL LsLsLsLsL sLsL LsLsLsLsL

all modes, form 2:

ssLL ssLLsLsLL ssLLsLsLL
sLLs sLLsLsLLs sLLsLsLLs sLLssLLsL sLLssLLsL sLLs
LLss LLsLsLLss LLsLsLLss LLssLLsLs LLssLLsLs LLss
LssL LsLsLLssL LsLsLLssL LssLLsLsL LssLLsLsL LssL
ssLL sLsLLssLL sLsLLssLL ssLLsLsLL ssLLsLsLL ssLL
sLLs LsLLssLLs LsLLssLLs sLLsLsLLs sLLsLsLLs sLLs
LLsLsLLss LLsLsLLss LLss
LsLsLLssL LsLsLLssL LssL
sLsLLssLL sLsLLssLL ssLL
LsLLssLLs LsLLssLLs sLLs
sLLssLLsL sLLs sLLssLLsL
LLssLLsLs LLss LLssLLsLs
LssLLsLsL LssL LssLLsLsL
ssLLsLsLL ssLL ssLLsLsLL
sLLsLsLLs sLLs sLLsLsLLs
LLsLsLLss LLss LLsLsLLss
LsLsLLssL LssL LsLsLLssL
sLsLLssLL ssLL sLsLLssLL
LsLLssLLs sLLs LsLLssLLs
sLLs sLLssLLsL sLLssLLsL
LLss LLssLLsLs LLssLLsLs
LssL LssLLsLsL LssLLsLsL

all modes, form 3:

ssLL ssLLLssLL ssLLLssLL ssLLssLLL ssLLssLLL ssLL
sLLs sLLLssLLs sLLLssLLs sLLssLLLs sLLssLLLs sLLs
LLss LLLssLLss LLLssLLss LLssLLLss LLssLLLss LLss
LssL LLssLLssL LLssLLssL LssLLLssL LssLLLssL LssL
ssLL LssLLssLL LssLLssLL ssLLLssLL ssLLLssLL ssLL
sLLLssLLs sLLLssLLs sLLs
LLLssLLss LLLssLLss LLss
LLssLLssL LLss LLssLLssL LLssLLssL LLssLLssL LssL
LssLLssLL LssL LssLLssLL LssLLssLL LssLLssLL ssLL
ssLLssLLL ssLL ssLLssLLL
sLLssLLLs sLLs sLLssLLLs
LLssLLLss LLss LLssLLLss
LssLLLssL LssL LssLLLssL
ssLLLssLL ssLL ssLLLssLL
sLLLssLLs sLLs sLLLssLLs
LLLssLLss LLss LLLssLLss
LLss LLssLLssL LLssLLssL LLssLLssL LssL LLssLLssL
LssL LssLLssLL LssLLssLL LssLLssLL ssLL LssLLssLL
ssLL ssLLssLLL ssLLssLLL
sLLs sLLssLLLs sLLssLLLs
LLss LLssLLLss LLssLLLss LLssLLssL LLssLLssL LLss
LssL LssLLLssL LssLLLssL LssLLssLL LssLLssLL LssL


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  • Noted as omnitetrachordal by Paul Erlich no later than 2002. See tuning-math list messages 3685 and 10987.