OTC 10L 12s

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Omnitetrachordal MODMOS scale


22 tones (9+4+9)

pajara?; imperfect; best at low L/s

P = 0.1300083763

Q = 3.4550293172 (4/3 = 4L+5.5s)

L = 54.55 to 120.00 cents (89.07 cents @ Q)

s = 0.00 to 54.55 cents (25.78 cents @ Q)

9/8 = 2L+2s (218.18 to 240.00 cents)

4/3 = 4L+5s (480.00 to 490.91 cents)

MOS generator = L+s (109.09 to 120.00 cents)

MOS period = 1/2 octave (600.00 cents)

notable EDOs: 32, 42, 54

LsLsLsLsLssLsLsLsLsLss (MOS, not OTC)


LsLsLsLsLsLssLsLsLsLss (OTC MODMOS) - gc 11,11

all modes:

LsLs LsLsLsLss LsLsLsLss
sLsL sLsLsLssL sLsLsLssL
LsLs LsLsLssLs LsLsLssLs
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LsLs LsLssLsLs LsLssLsLs LsLsLsLss LsLsLsLss LsLs
sLsL sLssLsLsL sLssLsLsL sLsLsLssL sLsLsLssL sLsL
LsLs LssLsLsLs LssLsLsLs LsLsLssLs LsLsLssLs LsLs
sLsL ssLsLsLsL ssLsLsLsL sLsLssLsL sLsLssLsL sLsL
LsLs sLsLsLsLs sLsLsLsLs LsLssLsLs LsLssLsLs LsLs
sLssLsLsL sLssLsLsL sLsL
LssLsLsLs LssLsLsLs LsLs
ssLsLsLsL ssLsLsLsL sLsL
sLsLsLsLs sLsL sLsLsLsLs sLsLsLsLs sLsLsLsLs LsLs
LsLsLsLss LsLs LsLsLsLss
sLsLsLssL sLsL sLsLsLssL
LsLsLssLs LsLs LsLsLssLs
sLsLssLsL sLsL sLsLssLsL
LsLssLsLs LsLs LsLssLsLs
sLssLsLsL sLsL sLssLsLsL
LssLsLsLs LsLs LssLsLsLs
ssLsLsLsL sLsL ssLsLsLsL
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