Ordered lists of ET rank two temperaments

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By logflat badness

The following are lists of rank 2 temperaments supported by each ET below a certain logflat badness level, ordered by logflat badness.

12 14 15 16 17 19
21 22 24 25 26 27 28 29
31 34 37 38

By complexity

The following are lists of rank 2 temperaments supported by each ET below a certain logflat badness level, ordered by TE complexity.

12 19

EDO-distinct temperaments

See Lists of edo-distinct temperaments

Minimal generator complexity temperaments for various ets

Below is a table of the minimal complexity rank two temperament supported by a variety of et vals. Complexity is measured by generator complexity; it should be noted that other complexity meaasures such as TE complexity will often give different results.

val 5-limit 7-limit 11-limit 13-limit 17-limit 19-limit
12f meantone august august august
15 augmented blacksmith ferrier ferrier
17c meantone dominant progression progression
19 meantone godzilla godzilla godzilla
22 porcupine pajara telepathy porkpie
24 contorted godzilla triforce triforce
26 meantone injera injera lemba lemba
27e augmented augene augene sensis
29 porcupine negri nautilus nautilus
31 meantone meantone meantone meantone
34d srutal pajara pajara pajara pajara
37 porcupine porcupine porcupine porcupinefish
41 magic magic cassandra cassandra
43 meantone meantone meantone meridetone
46 srutal sensi valentine dwynwen srutar 22p&46 srutar
50 meantone meantone bimeantone meanpop meanpop meanpop
53 hanson garibaldi orwell cataclysmic
58h srutal myna myna myna 46&58 46h&58h
60e magic magic tritonic tritonic tritonic
63 magic magic magic necromancy
68 contorted octacot shrutar hemikleismic shrutar shrutar
72 hanson miracle miracle hendec hendec hendec 26,46h,72
77 helmholtz valentine valentine valentino valentino valentino
80 srutal quartonic echidna quartonic echidna quartonic 27eg&80
84 sensi orwell compton merman secant secant
87 hanson rodan rodan mystery rodan rodan 41p&46h
89 helmholtz myna myna amigo
94 helmholtz garibaldi wizard garibaldi 26&68 26&68
99p würschmidt hemiwürschmidt hemiwur hitchcock hitchcock
103h sensi miracle miracle benediction benediction benediction 31&103h
111 sensi buzzard semisept buzzard 46&111 semisept
113 amity miracle miracle manna manna
118p helmholtz unidec unidec hemithirds commatic commatic 58h&60eh
118f hendec hendec hendec 46p&72
121 hanson hemikleismic pluto slithy slithy slithy
125f hanson catakleismic slender catakleismic catakleismic catakleismic
130 contorted hemiwürschmidt hemiwürschmidt harry harry bison 46p&84p
140 hanson hemififths tertia quadritikleismic quadritikleismic quadritikleismic
149 sensi hemithirds hemithirds heinz heinz hemiseven
152f amity amity grendel supers
159 contorted guiron tritikleismic tritikleismic tritikleismic tritikleismic 72&159
166g amity wizard wizard gizzard gizzard
171 helmholtz ennealimmal ennealimnic sesquart ennealimnic
175f ampersand miracle miracle benediction benediction
183 helmholtz grendel grendel mirkat mirkat 80&183
190g orson unidec unidec ekadash ekadash ekadash
193 hanson kwai sqrtphi sqrtphi sqrtphi sqrtphi
197e hanson catakleismic catakleismic 9&94
198 contorted contorted semihemiwürschmidt 58&140
202 gravity harry harry harry
205 amity amity 31&205 quanic quanic
208 hanson quadritikleismic metakleismic metakleismic
212 contorted quadritikleismic quadritikleismic quadritikleismic
217 parakleismic parakleismic birds arch quincy
224 helmholtz octoid octoid pogo octoid
241 sensi subpental 31&241 58&183 58&183
248 helmholtz bischismic bischismic essence octowerck
253 helmholtz sesquiquartififths cotritone 72&181
270 vishnu ennealimmal hemiennealimmal hemiennealimmal hemiennealimmal
282 escapade septisuperfourth septisuperfourth 130&282
284 hanson quadritikleismic quadritikleismic 94&190
289 helmholtz pontiac quincy sextilififths
296 orson octoid octoid octoid
301 helmholtz sesquiquartififths quasiorwell 149&301
311 amity tertiaseptal unthirds 159&311
313 helmholtz hemischis 31&282 hemischis
320 vishnu fifthplus octowerck 130&190
333 hanson countercata 29&152 novemkleismic novemkleismic
354 helmholtz term pogo pogo
373 parakleismic tertiaseptal 72&229 72&301
400 unidec quinmite 31&369 decoid
422 vishnu gamera vishnu hemigamera
441 luna ennealimmal semiennealimmal 130&311
494 enneadecal enneadecal abigail abigail
581 gammic neptune newt newt
612 ennealimmal ennealimmal hemiennealimmal 311&612