Kite Guitar Translations by Richie Greene

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Richie Greene's translations for the Kite Guitar. Translations by others are here.

Well Tempered Clavier, Prelude #1, C major, BVW 846 (J.S. Bach)

The tab is for a 7-string Kite guitar in the low-7 tuning (downmajor 3rds, low note is vD)

PDF of the score: File:Bach WTC no. 1 for 41-edo Kite Guitar.pdf

XML file (source file for the score): File:Prelude No. 1, C major, BWV


Cv             D^m/C        Gv,^7

Cv            vA^m        Dv/C

Gv            Cv/vB        vA^m7

vDv,7 or vDv,7(^5)    vGv   vvE^m^^6(~5)

D^m          D^m^^6(~5)      ^Cv

^Fv/E      ^Fv/^D        ^Gv,^7

Cv            Cv,7 or Cv,^7    ^FvM7

^F#vd7      F^m,6v11    Gv,7

Cv            G4^7        Gv,^7

vA^m^^6(~5)/G      Cv        G4^7

Gv,^7        Cv,^7        Fv6/G

vGv,^7      Cv

Bach WTC -1 for 41-edo Kite Guitar.jpg

Bach WTC Prelude No. 1, C major, BWV 846, page 2.jpg

Aquatic Ambience (David Wise)

Music from the Super Nintendo video game "Donkey Kong Country". Arranged for Kite guitar, Kite bass, 41edo metallophone, harp, violin, viola and soprano and alto vocals.

PDF of the score: File:Aquatic Ambience 41edo.pdf

Audio of an acoustic studio recording:

Avril 14 (Aphex Twin)

This arrangement requires the half-fret capo trick.

Richie Aphex Twin cover Avril 14.jpg

Performance by Richie: