Italic continuum names

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Named so because its relative dominant represents a sharp 8/5


Meaning: It is the Latin name of the first day of a month. This represents the 15/7 period, which is a candidate for the least complex minor ninth.


Meaning: Its period makes its categories run competely against i.e. "contra" any Pythagorean notion of concordance and discordance, hence "contrapyth"


Meaning: It is the Portuguese word for "hunchback." This represents the period's relative fifith harmonic, which reduces to a diminished fourth (up to 458 cents) instead of a perfect one (458-538 cents).


This is name of the gypsy girl in the novel Notre Dame de Paris who turns out to be a French citizen's daughter at just the moment she is about be hung, hence the generator of Janeiro's relative neutral-small major third.


Victor Hugo wrote the novel Notre Dame de Paris, hence being the Janeiro temperament generated by 19/84 period.


Origin: 2012

Named from the race of the Neapolitan people (the namesake of the 8:6:5 triad in common pratctice tonality and the most consonant 6-3 triad)


Named from the possible period of 1607 cents (Jamestown, VA was established in 1607).


Meaning: It is the Portuguese word for the month of January. This represents the leading "1" of the (diatonic) semitone which is generally the octave reduction of the temperament's period.


So named because the comma called the "meter" is exactly the 1000th root of its period.


Named for the lowest grade of olive oil because the 30/13 period is equally weak as either a ninth or a tenth.


Named in honor of Marchettus of Padua, who suggests a cadential major tenth the size of its period in his 13th-century work on tuning theory.


Origin: "2012"

Meaning: Named so because its period dilates the mean (middle) tone temperament mapping into tempering out 64/63.


Named after the Monocacy River in Frederick County, MD. Monocacy is also a play the medium minor tenth period of the temperament.


Means "Naples" in Italian, given by the fact the its relative subminor triad is the Neapolitan sixth triad.

Notre Dame:

Meaning: The cathedral Notre Dame de Paris is featured in a novel beginning in the month of January (the novel also contains a hunchback), and was also home to the first school of polyphony in European history; therefore the 32/15 period.


Because the Middletown temperament is named after Middletown, MD, Maryland's state bird gets to be the namesake of the temperament with a 12/5 period. (N. B. In spite of the name, the MOS for it is not limited to linear combinations of 3L 4s and 9L 4s)


Named after the Potomac River, into which the Monocacy and the Shenandoah empty; hence its period of a neutral tenth.


The red of roses and of green of emeralds are complementary colors, hence the complementary structure to the Esmeralda scale.


Named after the Shenandoah River in Virginia. The initial "sh" is palatal like the "j" in "major"; as in the period of the medium major tenth.


Victoria is the feminine form of "Victor," hence being the inverse of Hugo.