Hear Between The Lines

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Hear Between The Lines (sometimes abbreviated as HBTL) is a jazz and pop duo composed of Freddi Sturm and Rami Olsen, two Hamburg-based musicians who explore microtonality together.

The duo is responsible for the coinage of terms such as:

  • "flarp" for the semisharp accidental (abbreviation of "flat but a little sharp")
  • "shat" for the semiflat accidental (abbreviation of "sharp but a little flat")
  • "fries" for the sesquisharp accidental (due to its shape)
  • "heart" for the sesquiflat accidental (due to its shape)
  • "chromatone" and "diatone" for intervals measuring 2\31 and 3\31 respectively (and they use the existing terms "fifthtone" and "diesis" for 1\31)


  • Radical Tenderness (planned for April 2023)

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