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This page is about a rank-3 temperament. For the 41st-octave rank-2 temperament that used to go by this name, see Countercomp.

Counterpyth is the rank-3 temperament tempering out 400/399 and 1216/1215 in the subgroup.

Inspired by Margo Schulter's parapyth, counterpyth was named and first explored by Flora Canou in 2024.

In counterpyth, the fifth is tuned a little sharp such that

  • the major seventh (+5 fifths) hits 19/10, tempering out 1216/1215;
  • the augmented fourth (+6 fifths) hits 10/7, tempering out 5120/5103;
  • the augmented third (+11 fifths) hits 19/14, tempering out 1245184/1240029.

It also features a commas step representing 64/63~81/80. Prime harmonics 5, 7 and 19 are all made available simply using two chains of fifths.

See Hemifamity family #Counterpyth for technical data.

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