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Chopsticks is a symmetrical non-octave mos scale which can be played in 15ed4 or 15ed6 which is a subset of 15edo. It can be seen analogous to asian[clarification needed] pentatonic scales but with twice as many pitches covering a span of 6/1. As it is a non-octave scale, the octave doesn't exist within the scale. This makes the upper section of scale have a xen-like, interesting quality when played in conjunction with the lower hexachord.


The scale is built from a pattern of LsLsLsLsLs with the Large step being 320 cents and the small step being 160 cents. The nature of the scale is macrotonal meaning that nothing similar to a semitone exists in the scale. It's built from two hexachords of LsLsLs. The odd factor is that the scale contains ten distinct pitches and repeats at 6/1 rather than 3/1.


While the scale is symmetrical, it has a wonderfully interesting sound. Scales which are sLsLsLsLsL tend to sound brighter than LsLsLsLsLs modes.

Large Small Scale:

Small Large Scale: