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See also template:external image

This category contains every page, imported from Wikispaces, which has been tagged as containing external images. For each of these pages, we should replace the external image notice with a locally-uploaded version of the image, and then remove the page from this category.

In general, MediaWiki discourages external image hotlinking, because external images can break (which has happened in some of the above pages). Furthermore, MediaWiki's external image support is fairly weak: if we enable external image support in MediaWiki, it will turn *every* URL that links to an image file into an <img> tag, embedding the image in the page. As a result, MediaWiki doesn't support external images in quite the same way that Wikispaces does.

The best way to deal with this situation is simply to download any external images, re-upload them as local images via Special:Upload, and then change the embedded images to the local version. This is good practice anyway to avoid hotlinking external images and then having them silently break, creating a broken image on the page without you even noticing.

To deal with this situation, wherever there was an external image in the Wikispaces export, we've replaced it with a notice about this situation. This notice will look something like this example:

External image:

WARNING: MediaWiki doesn't have very good support for external images.
Furthermore, since external images can break, we recommend that you replace the above with a local copy of the image.

The above example is a particularly good demonstration of why external images are bad, because the original image link may be broken, and so even the original Wikispaces page had a broken link here. We will need to replace this with a new image, which we can upload locally here, and then change this page.

For dealing with dead links in general, see also template:dead link for marking broken links and auto-collect the affected pages in category:Pages containing dead links.

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