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Bo Constantinsen is the author of "What Music Really İsThe Manual for The 3rd Millennium Musician" — the first and so far single musical treatise in written history which deals with sound, acoustics, harmonic theory and everything music-related without using concepts and terminology from any established musical culture.

After being active as producer and sound engineer for more than 13 years in music studios across Europe, he found out that all the music he has been doing was dissonant and out of tune (12-tone equally tempered). He started the What Music Really İs study in an attempt to prove whether that was true, backed up by his unfulfilled desire to know why were there 7 white keys and 5 black on the piano, what was the relation between them, and what was the logic behind staff notation.

Being mathematically challenged, his work is geared towards the musically innocent, through the use of simple descriptions and intuitive visual correlations between sound and images. He's of the opinion that those who believe in urban myths like 432 Hz and its New Age connections to music have the right to know better. His approach to teaching is scientific and evidence-based. He proposes a logarithmic version of the Pythagorean Lambdoma, which he calls HarmoniComb, as didactic tool, musical instrument and notation system. His own musical discovery consists in the interpretation of any ratio as the harmonic genesis of the sonic entity it represents.

In 2013 he successfully crowd funded the building of a batch of Second Generation Terpstra Keyboards. He's the Head of the Board of The International Organization for Numerical Musical Tuning, an independent international nongovernmental organization (iINGO) concerned with the specifications and guidelines for a standardized, worldwide universal format of defining musical tuning and signal processing through the language of numbers alone.

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