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Interval information
Ratio 82/81
Subgroup monzo 2.3.41 [1 -4 1
Size in cents 21.242402¢
Name 41-limit Johnston comma (HEJI)
Color name 41o1, fowo unison
FJS name [math]\text{P1}^{41}[/math]
Special properties superparticular,
Tenney height (log2 nd) 12.6974
Weil height (log2 max(n, d)) 12.7151
Wilson height (sopfr (nd)) 55
Harmonic entropy
(Shannon, [math]\sqrt{n\cdot d}[/math])
~3.80109 bits
Comma size small
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82/81, or the 41-limit Johnston comma (HEJI), is a 2.3.41 subgroup comma. It is the amount by which 41/32 (the 41st harmonic) exceeds the Pythagorean major third (ditone) of 81/64. It is significant in Helmholtz-Ellis notation as the formal comma to translate a Pythagorean interval to a nearby 41-limit (prefix???) interval.