8/53-comma meantone

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This page presents a novelty topic. It features ideas which are less likely to find practical applications in xenharmonic music. It may contain numbers that are impractically large, exceedingly complex or chosen arbitrarily.

Novelty topics are often developed by a single person or a small group. As such, this page may also feature idiosyncratic terms, notations or conceptual frameworks.

8/53-comma meantone is the tuning of meantone temperament which tunes the fifth as 698.709 cents. This means the fifth is flattened by 8/53 of the syntonic comma (81/80) of 21.506 cents, which is to say by 3.246 cents.

It is a good tuning for domineering temperament, which is one possible 11-limit extension of meantone.

It came to the attention of Budjarn Lambeth in 2024, while messing about with different meantone tunings in Scale Workshop. He noticed that 8/53-comma sounded distinctly bright and warm, at least to him.