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5edt (5 Equal Divisions of the Tritave) subdivides the interval of the tritave, frequency ratio 3:1, into 5 equal-sized parts, each 380.391 Cents in size.


Degrees Cents Hekts Approximate Ratios
0 0.000 0 1/1
1 380.391 260 5/4
2 760.782 520 14/9
3 1141.173 780 27/14
4 1521.564 1040 12/5 (6/5 plus an octave)
5 1901.955 1300 3/1

5edt isn't very useful melodically, though it has many notable harmonic properties shared by other 5n-edts (EDTs with 5 as a prime factor). It has a surprisingly accurate major third, five of them making a tritave. It therefore tempers out 3125/3072, the magic comma. Two of these major thirds give a septimal minor sixth, meaning that it also tempers out the 7-limit comma 225/224.

5edt is the lowest equal division of the tritave to encompass 5-limit harmony. The available chords are 4:5:12 and 5:12:15; essentially major and minor chords. This is similar to 6edt, which contains the same chords but with the major thirds transposed an octave higher, and vice versa.

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