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Interval information
Factorization 2128 × 11-37
Monzo [128 0 0 0 -37
Size in cents 1.2361325¢
Name 37-11-comma
Color name s51u379, quinsa-thiselu 9th
FJS name [math]-[/math]
Special properties reduced
Tenney height (log2 nd) 255.999
Weil height (log2 max(n, d)) 256
Wilson height (sopfr (nd)) 663
Harmonic entropy
(Shannon, [math]\sqrt{nd}[/math])
~1.2125 bits
Comma size unnoticeable
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37-11-comma is a difference between a circle of 37 11/8s and 17 octaves.


For edos N up to ~20000, it is tempered out if and only if 37 divides N. It is tempered out in miscellaneous 37th-octave temperaments, as well as in the 111th-octave temperament roentgenium.