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27/20 |-2 3 -1>

519.5513 cents

sound sample

In 5-limit Just Intonation, 27/20 is an interval measuring about 519.6¢. It differs from the 4/3 perfect fourth by 81/80 (about 21.5¢), the syntonic comma. It arises naturally in JI as (for instance) the difference between a 5-limit major third and a stack of five 3/2 perfect fifths, or as the interval between 10/9 and 3/2. In 12edo and meantone systems, this interval would be no different from 4/3, as the syntonic comma is tempered out. 27/20 has been described as a "wolf" interval, implying that it "howls," as compared to simpler intervals within the 5-limit such as 5/4 and 9/8. Although in a 5-limit context it is traditionally avoided, it can be an essential interval in a harmonic context of higher complexity, where it may be admired for its bright and active character and its distinctness from 4/3.

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