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20203edo is the equal division of the octave into 20203 parts of 0.05939712 cents each. It is a very strong high limit edo, with a lower 19-limit relative error than any edo until 128125. It is also distinctly consistent through the 45-limit, and has a lower relative error than any smaller distinctly consistent 41-limit patent val except 17461. It tempers out 47151/47150, 52326/52325, 69875/69874, 81796/81795, 111112/111111, 127281/127280, 156520/156519, 315495/315491, 395200/395199, 728365/728364, 1324323/1324300, 1518804/1518803, and 3845961/3845920 in the 43-limit.