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186edo is the equal division of the octave into 186 parts of 6.4516 cents each. It is closely related to 31edo, but the patent vals differ on the mapping for 3. It tempers out 67108864/66430125 (misty comma) and 390625000/387420489 (quartonic comma) in the 5-limit, as well as 6115295232/6103515625 (vishnuzma); 3136/3125, 5120/5103 and 117649/116640 in the 7-limit. Using the patent val, it tempers out 385/384, 1331/1323, 2200/2187, and 3773/3750 in the 11-limit; 325/324, 352/351, 847/845, and 1573/1568 in the 13-limit.