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Interval information
JI glyph Ji glyph 10 7.png
Ratio 10/7
Monzo |1 0 1 -1>
Size in cents 617.48781
Name(s) high tritone
Color name ry4, ruyo 4th

[sound info]

Type: Utonal

In 7-limit Just Intonation, 10/7 is a high tritone (or Euler's tritone) measuring about 617.5¢. It has a similar sound to its inversion, 7/5, but may sound a little edgier, less relaxed. Nonetheless, it is considered a septimal consonance. It appears in chords where a major third (5/4) appears above the harmonic seventh (7/4), such as 4:6:7:10. (This particular chord is well-approximated in 88cET, which has a good approximation of 10/7 -- but no 7/5.)

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