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Interval information
Ratio 105/64
Monzo [-6 1 1 1
Size in cents 857.094621
Name(s) septimal neutral sixth
Color name zy6, zoyo 6th
FJS name M635
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105/64 is a 7-limit neutral sixth and is 857.095¢ wide. It might be called a septimal neutral sixth.

When used as a generator, it approximates 7edo as the 6th note of the scale; the difference between 5\7 and 105/64 is 0.048¢. In addition, it only differs from the large tridecimal neutral sixth (64/39) by a schismina (4096/4095). When we also consider that 105/64 can be thought of as the octave reduced greatest common factor of 3, 5, and 7, 105/64 and its octave equivalents might be used to tune 7edo on a stringed instrument via harmonics, though so far this idea has not been tested.

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