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Yahoo! groups were closed. There were several historically important mailing lists on there:

  • tuning (aka "The Tuning List")
  • tuning-math
  • MakeMicroMusic
  • harmonic_entropy
  • crazy_music
  • metatuning

Fortunately, we have already archived these groups: messages, files, etc. They have been archived at

Viewing interface

An interface to look at the messages has been made available at, thanks to Douglas Blumeyer with guidance from Dave Keenan. The link to the Facebook post announcing this is here, and has been archived below:

I have made some archived microtonal mailing lists available to browse online here:

Recently I shared on Facebook that I had taken a backup of them ( and made them more easily searchable by uploading them to GitHub ( I have taken it another step further now by parsing the content, sorting it into topic threads, and linking up attachments (e.g. has a working attachment).

I have also corrected internal links so that they link to the appropriate message, and patched a couple of sites that moved. If you notice any other big swath of broken links I could easily patch, please let me know.

There's no search at the moment so you may have to cross-reference the GitHub repo for now until Google indexes it and you can search for things within using the Google query " what I'm looking for".

Of course it's not much to look at, but it's a heck of a lot nicer than trudging through JSON blobs of unencoded HTML...

A handful of the topics were missing messages. Perhaps they were deleted. And I noticed a couple other Yahoo groups were linked out and appeared to be microtonal in nature ("PracticalMicrotonality", and "Posttonality") to but I didn't have backups for these ones. I hope they weren't lost forever in this recent Verizon acquisition fiasco.

Anyway, these old mailing lists are a treasure trove of ideas and history. I hope everyone enjoys this increased access to the information. If anyone has any concerns about me sharing the material in this way, please let me know.

Other backups

ArchiveTeam also got backups of these tuning-related groups, also hosted on

User:ResonantFrequencies also made (partial?) backups of these groups, in two different formats (which are not published anywhere, but could be):

  • experimusic [getmydata, yahoo-group-archiver]
  • harmonic_entropy [getmydata]
  • MakeMicroMusic [getmydata]
  • metatuning [getmydata]
  • musictheory [getmydata]
  • oddmusic [getmydata]
  • PostTonality [getmydata]
  • TUNING [getmydata, yahoo-group-archiver]
  • tuning-math [getmydata, yahoo-group-archiver]
  • Tuning2 [getmydata, yahoo-group-archiver]