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user page within the user navigation available on each wiki page

The wiki currently requires a user to be logged in to edit content. Each wiki edit is linked to a user page in the editing history of pages, also the recent changes link to user pages as well as several user lists. That's why it is a gooed idea to use the user page for telling a few words about the editor. This may be strengths, weaknesses and projects.

Because the page is easy to find when logged in, it is often a good starting point for the editors themselves to continue their work, containing todo-lists, project descriptions, and informations of more or less related to the wiki work.


The talk page of the user page can be used to directly get into contact with the editor. If someone changes this page, the editor gets a notification bar displayed if she/he does the next navigates step within the wiki. So if you feel someone doing especially good or harm to pages, you should consider to write him/her a message on the user talk page.


A user page gets added to the category wiki editor if the line [[Category:Wiki editor]] is added in the wiki markup. The are some more user categories rooted in the category:user that may help to improve communication by trying overcome barriers in time, space and language.


When the wiki was hosted by Wikispace, user pages were not available, as a solution we created pages following the naming convention Editor yourName. Since this alternative doesn't integrate well with the current wiki service, it is not encouraged to continue with it.

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