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I am rather new to musical practice and yet to start composing. When I do, I will likely use physical modeling synths to compose complex polyphonic harmonies and polyrhythms, a sort of jazzy avant-garde metal or dark ambient.

I have no musical education, am a math BSc instead, so I think about music theory in terms of pitch frequencies, JI groups and other rather abstract math and physics, instead of the common-practice theory that I am rather unfamiliar with.

My preferred method of creating scales, at least of starting this creation, is regular temperament theory, though I see its limitations.

I prefer non-octave tunings that are better suited to the temperaments, software and hardware in use. As bizarre as my choices of periods may look, they are informed by the properties of the temperament and attempt to achieve the lowest density of notes in a scale that still allows diverse and comfortable voice leading.


Temperament proposals


Discord: @xencoder