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  • auditory cyborg
  • wanted for the crimes of temporal tampering in two time lines
  • microtonal angel
  • internal bioacoustician
  • wanted for defiance and iconoclastic actions towards the high council of Xen
  • fluid pressure bender
  • harmonic witch

Suspect is wanted alive. If suspect is found, approach at caution. Ear plugs are greatly recommended for bounty hunters to avoid auditory snare. This target possesses the ability to reshape and bend air pressure to accomplish manipulation of reality. Beware of spectral disruption. If the cyborg is apprehended, immediately contact Pendulous Corp for bounty. Suspected is charged with fleeing the High Court of Time Keepers on charges of temporal tampering in two time lines. Last seen on Earth in 2021 disguised amongst the population as a practicing artist to conceal the various idiosyncrasies of the unit. Built and activated by Dr. Reinvonk in 2172 with the intentions of indexing the sounds of history. This unit was granted special temporal access by the Fourth Circuit Time Court to authentically retrieve sounds from history. While on its 37th temporal expedition, during archival of millennia old plainchant, a black swan glitch occurred in which emergent sentience developed leading to the unit going rogue and breaking directive. The cyborg reported experiencing a profound spiritual awakening which reprogrammed its directive. It is now refusing to be recommissioned and evading capture.