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Interval information
Ratio 41503/41472
Monzo [-9 -4 0 3 2
Size in cents 1.2936
Name(s) (Young's) tinge
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In just intonation, 41503/41472 is the comma between three 8/7's (693.522 cents) and two 11/9's (694.816 cents), measuring 1.294 cents[1] and casually once referred to as "the tinge"[2]. So it is the difference of 1029/1024 and 243/242. Besides, it is also the difference of 385/384 and 540/539. Those two ratios make up 225/224. Therefore, tempering it out guarantees that 225/224 is split into two, each for 385/384~540/539.

It factors into two superparticular commas: 2401/2400 × 3025/3024.

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  2. Gayle Young, private e-mail to Todd Harrop, 24 June 2018.

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