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Removed an error--the listed mapping did not temper out 91/90 and had a much higher badness figure anyway; replaced it with a version derived from the listed commas.

- genewardsmith October 22, 2011, 01:53:50 PM UTC-0700

Should we can this?

I made this a long time ago to try and do to 91/90 what the Biosphere did to 676/675. My initial approach was to treat the 91/90-tempered rank-3 lattice in the same way that we treat the untempered rank-3 2.3.5 lattice, in that the base chords would be 6:7:9 and 10:13:15, both of which are very manageable complexity. I was hoping we'd then see a lot of subtemperaments derived from this, just like there's plenty deriving from 2.3.5, but until I code up the tuning library I've been talking about on the tuning list I don't have a way to search subgroups like that.

I still think that 91/90 is an award-winning comma, because it turns 6:7:9 into the utonal inverse of 10:13:15, but this page never took off. Most of these temperaments are just subgroup versions of things we know. Should we just can it?

- mbattaglia1 September 18, 2011, 06:38:26 PM UTC-0700