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subgroup question

This looks like subgroup to me. No mode of supra[12] gets any closer to 7/4 than 16.888¢ away, while a whopping 8 modes of supra[12] come within 1.2¢ of 25/16, and 3 modes get within 5¢ of 13/8, which occupies the same slot where 8/5 dwells in regular superpyth[12]. What's more, ratios of 13 in supra[12] combine with other prime powers in the scale to make nice genera. For instance, you've got 26:32:39:48 in 2 modes, you've got 32:39:48:52 in 2 modes, and if we count the incomplete genera, you've got 13:16:22 triads in 3 modes and 13:16:25 triads in the same 3. The same point about nice genera, complete and incomplete, applies to 25 as to 13, only more so, because more supra[12] modes have a 25. So my question is this. Is there some consistency issue that keeps us from including 25 and 13 in the supra[12] subgroup? Or should 25 and 13 indeed be included?

- manuphonic December 01, 2017, 04:17:35 AM UTC-0800