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where is it stored?

- xenwolf September 20, 2011, 05:47:04 AM UTC-0700

At the moment, it is inside the widget.

But maybe a can make a scruipt object.

- hstraub September 20, 2011, 06:10:20 AM UTC-0700

Is this a built-in widget or did you write it?

Can you please point me to it?

- xenwolf September 20, 2011, 06:50:38 AM UTC-0700

I wrote it. When editing a page, you select "widget" -> "other", then you can paste the code into the edit field. The widget in quetsion I wrote is:

<style type="text/css">


<div><script type="text/javascript">
    function ShowOrHide(chkident, divident) {
        var theChkv = document.getElementById(chkident);
        var theDiv = document.getElementById(divident);
        if (theChkv.checked == true)
   = "block";
   = "none";
</script> <input type="checkbox" id="chkPractice" onclick="ShowOrHide('chkPractice', 'divPractice')"></input> <label for="chkPractice"><a class="wiki_link" href="/Practice" rel="nofollow">Practice</a></label>
<div id="divPractice" style="display: none"><a class="wiki_link" href="/MicrotonalListeningList" rel="nofollow">Listen</a><br></br>
<a class="wiki_link" href="/People" rel="nofollow">People</a><br></br>
<a class="wiki_link" href="/Tools" rel="nofollow">Tools</a><br></br>
<a class="wiki_link" href="/MicrotonalInstruments" rel="nofollow">Instruments</a><br></br>
<a class="wiki_link" href="/Software" rel="nofollow">Software</a><br></br>
<a class="wiki_link" href="/Scores" rel="nofollow">Scores</a><br></br>
<a class="wiki_link" href="/Projects" rel="nofollow">Projects</a><br></br>
<a class="wiki_link" href="/MicroPedagogyCollective" rel="nofollow">Pedagogy</a></div>

- hstraub September 20, 2011, 07:01:29 AM UTC-0700

That's *very* interesting. This means we could integrate javascript for instance for edo pitch calculations and similar tedious stuff.

- xenwolf September 20, 2011, 07:16:05 AM UTC-0700

I transformed it into an unordered list (<ul>).

- xenwolf September 20, 2011, 02:19:02 PM UTC-0700

Yes, looks much better now. (I had already tried ul, too, but for some reason, I could not bring it to work...)

- hstraub September 20, 2011, 11:51:22 PM UTC-0700

<ul><li>ItemOne</li><li>ItemTwo</li></ul>'s rather taggy ;) I missed the preview function, but on the second try it was ok:

Can everybody embed javascript?

- xenwolf September 21, 2011, 03:56:12 AM UTC-0700

Yes. Even guests can edit it (with CAPTCHA).

- xenwolf September 21, 2011, 04:02:38 AM UTC-0700

Clearing the nav bar

If the nav bar is too crowded, for God's sake don't remove high-level collections of stuff! Put the lower levels into the higher levels.

- genewardsmith September 19, 2011, 12:11:47 PM UTC-0700

Getting used to. But not bad, I think.

- xenwolf September 19, 2011, 12:41:45 PM UTC-0700

It's better now- thanks.

- clumma September 20, 2011, 12:15:19 AM UTC-0700

I just did an experiment with an opening/closing subtree here. Seems to wrok, but involves some ugly Javascript tweaking.

(Just as proof of concept - feel free to remove it again...)

- hstraub September 20, 2011, 04:40:55 AM UTC-0700

If the CheckBox can be replaced by something like [+] and [-] than it seems good to me.

- xenwolf September 20, 2011, 05:39:59 AM UTC-0700

ways to discuss it

I tagged it with "orphan page", because I find that it should be as easy accessible to the wiki community as other pages.

- xenwolf August 11, 2011, 07:04:16 AM UTC-0700