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Code used to generate page

  1. !/usr/bin/python
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  2. If you regenerate, try to check for hand-edits too though.

from math import *

centlimit = 12.0

frames = [1.5,1.6180339887498948482,2.0,3.0]

frnames = ["ED1.5","ED1.618","EDO","EDT"]

edivs = [(1200.0*log(frames[j],2)/i,i,j) for i in range(1,500) for j in range(len(frames)) if 1200.0*log(frames[j],2)/i >= centlimit]


print "||~ Cents ||~ Rank 1 Temperament"

print "|| 10877.6643404 || exp(2pi), the "natural" unit of the Riemann zeta function ||"

for i in edivs:

   #First take care of special names
   if (i[2] is 0 and i[1] is 20):
       # Carlos Gamma; label/link.
       print "|| %.4f || Carlos gamma ||"%(i[0])
   elif (i[2] is 0 and i[1] is 11):
       # Carlos Beta
       print "|| %.4f || Carlos beta ||"%(i[0])
   elif (i[2] is 0 and i[1] is 9):
       # Carlos Alpha
       print "|| %.4f || Carlos alpha ||"%(i[0])
   elif (i[2] is 0 and i[1] is 9):
       print "|| %.4f || 4ED1.5 (suggested as a theoretical basis for Georgian music) ||"%(i[0])
   #Then everything else.
   elif (i[2] > 1):
       # There are pages under #EDO and maybe #EDT; make links.
       print "|| %.4f || %i%s ||"%(i[0],i[1],frnames[i[2]])
       print "|| %.4f || %i%s ||"%(i[0],i[1],frnames[i[2]])

- dranorter May 05, 2014, 01:23:57 PM UTC-0700

Well I guess python is a poor choice for this :) Didn't realize it got flattened.

- dranorter May 06, 2014, 02:44:33 PM UTC-0700

if you begin and end the code with code tags, it should preserve the formatting:

<style type="text/css">


      indented some more

this works on pages too of course...

- spt3125 June 07, 2014, 10:27:52 AM UTC-0700