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'Double Octave'

Hi Andrew, 'Double Octave' sounds like a 16/1 ratio. Why not Quadruplave? Quadruplave sounds more consistent for designate the 4/1 ratio. Is not 'Octave' the same thing that 'Eighth', the equivalent to 8/1 ratio?

I and others stop referring to the frequential duple (or Duplave) as the 'Octave', since it is a tremendous inconsistency for technical reference in the designation of harmonic ratios.

The list of ratios 'x/1' can be:

1/1 - Unison, 'Monoave'

2/1 - Duple, Duplave

3/1 - Triple, Tritave

4/1 - Quadruple, Quadruplave, 'Quadruve'

5/1 - Qintuple, Pentave, (Fifth?)

6/1 - Sixtuple, Hexave, (Sixth?)

7/1 - Septuple, Heptave, (Seventh?)

8/1 - Octuple, <legitimally Octave>, (Eighth?)

9/1 - Enneatuple, Nonave, (Ninth?)

10/1 - Decatuple, Decave, (Tenth?)

11/1 - Undecatuple, Undecave, (Eleventh?)

12/1 - Dodecatuple, Dodecave, (Twelfth?)

13/1 - Tredecatuple, Tredecave, (Thirteenth?)

14/1 - Quardecatuple, Quardecave, (Fourteenth?)

What do you think?


- Osmiorisbendi November 19, 2011, 08:59:51 PM UTC-0800

I think "Double Octave" is perfectly clear, and have seen other people refer to the "Double Octave" before. Yes, "octave" is something of a misnomer, and from a certain point of view, "duple" makes a lot more sense -- but everybody knows what an octave is -- it's still a standard name for the 2/1. I've also heard "triple octave" -- referring to 8/1 ratio -- and I think that's just as clear. However, I'm not opposed to Quadruple as an additional name. I don't like Quadruplave or Quadruve at all, but would not object to their inclusion. However, I wouldn't want to take away "double octave".

- Andrew_Heathwaite November 21, 2011, 07:39:39 PM UTC-0800