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11-limit "Bohlen-Pierce"

Bohpier temperament is [< 1 0 0 0 2 |, < 0 13 19 23 12 |].

When restricted to the 3.5.7 subgroup, this becomes a rank-1 temperament, the well known "Bohlen-Pierce" 13ed3.

But this doesn't work in the 11 limit at all, because of that nasty 2 in the period mapping. You can get out of bohpier either a temperament that is rank-2, or a rank-1 temperament on the weird subgroup Since Bohlen-Pierce theory makes a big deal about using only odd numbers, working perfectly with odd-harmonic timbres, and so on, it's clearly a mistake to call this rank-1 temperament "Bohlen-Pierce".

If anyone comes to this page looking for BP chords, they'll be justifiably bewildered and confused, because most of the chords here don't correspond to anything in BP. Only the 7-prime-limit ones do.

- keenanpepper January 05, 2012, 12:54:39 PM UTC-0800

It's actually the subgroup, but I take your point. I think it's bizarre BP purists would ignore a perfectly decent 11/4, but I'll take your word they do, and note it when I have the time. Or you could do it, with less of an urge to lecture about the idiocy of it all.

- genewardsmith January 05, 2012, 01:11:40 PM UTC-0800