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A target-list-inclusive fully-dimensionally-entangled comma (TIFE comma or tife) is a subgroup comma that grabs every subgroup dimension at the same time, for whatever subgroup one is working on or looking at.[1]

The term was coined by Scott Dakota.[1]


A subgroup comma may or may not be a tife depending on the choice of the basis of the subgroup. For example, 81/80 is a tife in the subgroup 2.3.5 when using the basis {2, 3, 5}, because 81/80 = 2−4 · 34 · 5−1, but not when using the basis {2, 3/2, 5}, because 81/80 = 20 · (3/2)4 · 5−1 and at least one of the exponents in that expression is 0.

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