Scale Finder Rough Draft

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This is a rough draft for the proposed idea of an online scale-finder, analagous to Graham Breed's temperament-finder. Feel free to add to the outline. Since scales are far more extensive and versatile than temperaments, it is difficult to classify them into a finite number of non-overlapping categories. Hence, I propose we use a form-based search engine, where the user will be displayed a list of scales that match some desired criteria.

Below are the different criteria as well as possible drop-down options (if applicable):

Interval of Equivalence:

  • Octave
  • Tritave
  • Fifth
  • etc...


  • TOP
  • POTE
  • Golden
  • n/d-comma (e.g. 1/4-comma)
  • Woolhouse Optimal


  • Rank 1 (equal temperaments)
  • Rank 2
  • Rank 3
  • etc...


  • MOS [checkbox]
  • Omnitetrachordal [checkbox]
  • Minimum Number of Notes: _
  • Maximum Number of Notes: _
  • No intervals smaller than: _
  • No scale jumps larger than: _