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Progress report

What was your path to discovering alternate tunings?
While looking for information on Conlon Nancarrow, I stumbled across Kyle Gann's Just Intonation primer and started exploring the possibilities found there. I was also intrigued by a passage from the novel Cryptonomicon that spoke briefly about temperament.
What are your current/past/future particular interests?
My primary interests lie in simple harmonic structures that make room for a wide range of melodic ideas. Small segments of the 15-limit diamond are especially appealing to me.
What instruments or means have you successfully used in the making of microtonal music? Recommendations?
I had great success with Chuck Hubbard's no-scale JI sequencer until I changed computers and could never get it working again. Lately I have been learning to use Tonescape, and I am already in love with the half-formed state it is in and the amazing fully-formed state I can see it becoming.
Any good microtonal anecdotes?
I was introduced to the mailing list when I was at a wilderness camp in northern California. My mother casually mentioned to someone that I had an unbelievably esoteric hobby called "microtones" and one of the camp counselors said "I do that too."
Are you, in fact, sane?