Porcupine Party Pop Band XPSC 2012

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Porcupine Party Pop Band is a proposal for a project/workshop of Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp 2012, to take place August 3-11, 2012 at the Gesundheit! Institute (Hillsboro, West Virginia). Here is the current description with assignment:

"Porcupine Party Pop Band—In this workshop, we will focus on developing a coherent ensemble "sound" and get deep into a single tuning: 22 equal divisions per octave, through the lens of "porcupine temperament". How to prepare: Read up on 22-EDO and porcupine and our provisional notation for it (we don't have a concise introductory text, but we are working on it). If possible, practice singing or playing 22-EDO on your instrument. Compose a tune in 22-EDO. Don't worry if it's sketchy, we'll flesh it out in band practice! Having a melody is most important; words, harmony, and arrangement can come later."

Details at XPSC 2012 Resources.