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Norbert Oldani taught at Mohawk Valley CC in Utica, New York and elsewhere (presently retired).

Birth: Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. in 1936.


1. Master's degree from the University of Detroit (in Mathematics)

2. Undergraduate Music study at Columbia University

3. Graduate music study at Suny in Buffalo, New York.

Performing Interests:

Piano,Choir and Electronic machines.


Compositions for lectures and demonstrations for music humanities classes, clubs, church groups and professional associations in math,computing,etc.

Compositions for R.S.Thompson and the Georgia State University Galleries for their International Exibition of Sound art.

A composition in just intonation for "Other Music" in San Francisco, California

An article,"Classical Techniques Revisited" was published in the Journal of the Just Intonation Network. A paper entitled "A Generalization of Helmholtz's Model to Nineteen-tone Equal Temperament" published in now defunct "Interval", the Journal of Music Reseach and Development, vol #3,, Wnnter,1986.

"Mozartfest" a piece composed in 1991 for MVCC's celebration of Mozart's birthday.

Six compositions, some from fractal formula, as student learning pieces for Stephen Arnold, the director the computer music studios at the University of Glasgow,Scotland in 1998.

"Expect the Unexpected", a composition for the Work Overature Project of the Festival Synthese Bourges 2004 at Bourges,France.

Compositions for the program "Playing it by Ear" which was a weekly series on station WCVF in 1987.

Some pieces for Miguel Azguime's radio progam "Miso Musica Portugal" broadcast from Parede,Portugal. The program was sponsored by the International Society of Contemporary Music.

Compositions for Neva Pilgrim's program, "Fresh Ink", on WCNY-FM & elsewhere in 1999, 2002,2006 , 2007 and 2009. The progam is partially sponspred by the Society for New Music.

"Isaiah Said" for Caos-Sonsocp in their project "Festival Zeppelin" in Barcelona, Spain in 2004.

Electronic works for "IF", the old ImprovFriday website which is now called Sound-in on a weekly basis 2010 to the present time 2014.

Electronic works for "Postminimal, Totalalist,etc...", a group on the Face Book website at times in 2011.

Piano Improvisations on the Sunday's hymns at St. Peter's church every Sunday since 2011 to the present Time.

Norbert Oldani