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noodle adorno foucalt.mp3

Noodles with Adorno and a Foucault garnish


(text taken from (not that) random pages of (not that) random books)


prior to the emancipation of the subject, art was undoubtedly in a certain sense more immediately social than it was afterward.

its autonomy, its growing independence from society, was a function of the bourgeois consciousness of freedom that was itself bound up with the social structure.

the carceral network does not cast the unassimilable into a confused hell; there is no outside.

Scale: unfair father (5L + 3s) out of 31. Anchor Middle C; from middle C, steps go 5 2 5 5 2 5 2 5, making [C D D# E# G\!/ G/|\ A/|\ Bb].

Sounds: voice processed by VoiceTweaker autotuner, octave shifted, formant-shifted, auto-vibratoed, etc.

Ended up kinda tonal/pentatonic. Ends with fake major triad.