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These are blogs at least tangentially related to microtonality.

  • Jacob Barton[dead link] has only begun thinking about flamboyant microtonal blogging.
  • Kyle Gann: JI composer, musicologist, critic, teacher, provocateur.
  • Kraig Grady JI Composer, Instrument Designer and Builder, Archivist, Shadow Puppeteer
  • Harmonic Ratio: This blog is about a project to create computer software (and, potentially, dedicated interface harware) to facilitate the composition and performance of music based on integer ratios of frequencies.
  • Hπ Instruments Edutainment: Aaron Hunt's H-pi-related blog, with Tonal Plexus videos etc.
  • Jim Plamondon[dead link] blogs about the ongoing innovations surrounding the Thummer (microtonal) keyboards.
  • Prent Rodgers has new "podcast bumper music" more often than not, thanks to his undying commitment to composing at least 10 minutes every 24 hours.
  • Daniel Thompson, self-described microtonal composer, links to videos and other yummy resources as well as original compositions.
  • Carlo Serafini Italian composer and microtonal experimenter.
  • Charles Loli Peruvian composer and microtonal experimenter.
  • Overtone Network Blog[dead link] - as the name says, about overtone music
  • Music & Techniques by Chris Vaisvil Microtonal music and techniques used to realize it. Some 12 EDO stuff as well.
  • Ratio to SenseSitarist John Stephens' blog about harmonic theory and the practice of tuning.
  • Sevish Music Blog composer and microtonal experimenter. The blog has some tutorials and thoughts about electronic microtonal music.