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The term mesotonal[idiosyncratic term] (sometimes capitalized as Mesotonal), meaning "between tones"[1], was created by Kraig Grady as an alternative to the term microtonal, as well as macrotonal, where the 'meso-' prefix suggests neither that the tones are smaller nor larger than typical tones, but simply between them.

Kraig does not suggest mesotonal as a replacement term for microtonal, though he suggests it may have been a better term[2]. Instead he differentiates mesotonal from microtonal. Where microtonal music tends to be "technical—commonly referring to working in what is equal divisions or in simple just intonation... Mesotonal tunings involve the use of high harmonics found in the spiral like patterns formed by recurrent sequences"[3]. Kraig further states that "Mesotonal music is also commonly combined with other art forms such as Shadow Theatre, film, dance and ritual"[4], and associates them with "theatrical anthropology and medical ethnomusicology"[5].