Keenan Pepper required listening

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Individual artists

  • Sean Archibald, ​Golden Hour (
  • Easley Blackwood, Twelve Microtonal Etudes.
  • Jon Catler, Sleeping Beauty.
  • Henry Flynt, Purified by the Fire.
  • Eivind Groven, Som symra rein og blå.
  • Michael Harrison, From Ancient Worlds and Revelation.
  • Ben Johnston, String Quartet no. 9.
  • Kronos Quartet, Early Music, Night Prayers and others.
  • Terry Riley, Shri Camel and The Harp of New Albion.
  • Hans-André Stamm
  • Toby Twining, Chrysalid Requiem.
  • La Monte Young, Well-Tuned Piano.

Historical/world music genres

  • Congotronics e.g. Konono No. 1
  • Gamelan, Cambodian pinpeat, Thai piphat
  • Maqam music (personally I need to listen to more of this)
  • Medieval organum e.g. Perotin
  • Overtone flutes e.g. seljefløyte, fujara
  • Tuvan throat singing